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11-20 发布
试讲稿 Good morning, my class. How was your day? You seem to be a little blue? Yes, of course. We’ve just finished a three-day holiday for the Dragon boat festival. And it’s time to go back here and have classes. But you can expect for the next holiday. What is it? Yes, it’s the National holiday.   We know so many about Chinese festivals. But do you know about some foreign festivals? Mike? You know about Easter. Good. The symbols of Easter are eggs and rabbits. Others? Iris? You know about Christmas? Yes, a very big holiday during which we can see many Christmas trees, presents and maybe the Santa Claus.   Ok, you know so much about foreign holidays too. Today we have someone here also celebrating holiday. Let’s open our book, turn to page 40. Look at the picture. Can you guess what the holiday is. Someone says Thanksgiving. Is he right? But some students are not sure. Ok, let’s read this passage quickly for 3 minutes and find out.   Finished? What’s the main idea of this passage, Joy? You said that it is about Thanksgiving. Is she right? Yes. Nicely done. Sit down please. Then where did the family go? Linda? You said that Jenny and her family went to grandparents’ home and have a family get together. Is Linda right? Yes. Very good. Sit down please. During your first time reading, have you notice “What were everyone doing? No? That’s all right. Now read this passage again to find out the answers. I have a form here for you to fill. 4 students as a group to have a discussion about these questions. 10 minutes for you. Start! Now, group 1 would you like to send someone to come to the front and share your answers? Ok, they send Tina here. Ok she finished. Let’s check the answers. Tina wrote that “when they arrived, her grandfather opened the door.” “Their grandma was cooking.” Her cousins will come tonight.” Is Group one right? Ok, the first one and the second are right. But the third one is not. Group 1 could you think it over. Find again. You said the answer should be “her cousins are here now!” This time, the answer is right. Very good. See? That’s the power of group wisdom. Let’s applaud for them. Tina. Please go back to your seat. Thank you.   I still have a question can you answer me? Peter. When Brian first came here, what did he feel? You said he felt that everything was different. Where is the answer? Yes. It’s in the second paragraph from the bottom. Ok, now let’s look at this sentence and the one from the form. That is, “When they arrived, her grandfather opened the door.” “When I first came here, everything was different.” What are these two sentences? Yes. Adverbial clause of time. So what is the rule of it? Let’s read these two sentences carefully. Who can tell me? Woody. You said that the verb tense of both the main clause and subordinate clause is the same. So what are they? They are all simple past tense. Is he right? Yes, you have read it very carefully. Sit down please.   Now I have a task for you. Let’s do a survey. Each group makes a survey about how each group member’s family celebrates their festivals. Ten minutes for you. Let’s get started. Time is up. Which group wants to share your survey? Group 3. Ok, Manny represents group 3. You can start. Manny said one of his group member’s family will go on a vacation if there’s a holiday coming. Good. And another member’s family will stay at home to have a big celebration by inviting relatives and friends to come. Nice. Ok sit down please. We can see that different families have different ways to celebrate holidays. But no matter in what way, they are doing this together. Right? Because family is important.   Now Jason, would you please conclude what we have learnt today. Thank you, very good. We know something about Thanksgiving Day. And we also review adverbial clause.   After class, how about finding more foreign holidays and making a report about it. And next class I would like you to share with us.   That’ all for today. See you next time.   This is my presentation. Thanks for listening.  



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